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Planet-friendly Beach Toys

Kids LOVE it!

Simple, eco-friendly beach toys that let kid's imaginations run free.


Play-proof, Earth Friendly Beach Toys

Durably made from renewable bamboo and designed for safe, plastic-free play in sand, sea, and soil.


Good for play, Good for planet

Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than trees and can be harvested annually without causing soil degradation.


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  • Made From Bamboo

    Made by hand from the world’s fastest growing plant and features a natural food-safe finish for water resistance

  • Ocean Safe

    No one intends for toys to end up in the oceans, but if they do, they'll do no harm to the sea or it's inhabitants

  • Eco-Friendly

    Bamboo sand play sets are made from fast growing bamboo and will naturally decompose at the end of their life cycle, unlike plastic beach toys

  • Made with love

    Created by a husband and wife who couldn't find any plastic-free beach toys for their own kids

  • The Perfect Gift

    Our bamboo toys make a great baby shower gift, birthday gift, or any-day gift for kids who love playing in the sand

  • Plastic-Free

    Our toys are 100% plastic-free, including their packaging. Plastic is terrible for our oceans, our planet, and our health - why make toys from it?


Are these good for anything besides sand?

Yes! Besides just sand and water play at the beach, these eco-friendly sand toys also make great kids garden toys and are awesome with sand and water tables, sensory tables, in school sandboxes, and for kitchen play! 

They're also a particular favorite of Montessori schools.

What if it breaks?

If your kids breaks this during normal play, we'll replace it free of charge. They'll have to try really hard though - bamboo is tough!

Is it safe?

We designed these for our own kids, so safety has always been our first priority when making these. For this reason, we have chosen only high quality bamboo finished in a non-toxic, food-safe finish. Handles are smooth, splinter-free, and shaped to comfortably fit little hands ages 2+. Used as intended, our toys are extremely safe and durable.

What are the dimensions?

Our shovel and rake measure approximately 7.1" tall x 2.25" wide. Handles are smooth and shaped to comfortably fit little hands ages 2+. 

Where are these made?

Our children's sand toys are made by hand in Vietnam from natural bamboo, so each one will vary just a little bit from the photos shown (we think this natural variation is part of what makes them so beautiful!). 

How do I care for these?

Once play is through, just rinse off the toys and let them air dry in the sun or hang them up to dry. They can also be washed with mild soap and warm water and leave in dish rack to dry, just as you would with wood or bamboo cooking utensils. 

Who are we?

Kobu is an American, family owned company, committed to creating long lasting and well considered toys and apparel made in the most environmentally responsible ways possible. Our products are imagined in Florida, and sustainably manufactured in Vietnam.